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Along with our safety insulin injection products, we provide education and training to support safe insulin delivery. This site provides you with access to healthcare provider and patient education, embecta safety product information and training tools. Additionally, you can contact your local embecta sales representative, obtain injection technique education toolboxes, and more through the form provided below.

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Healthcare provider resources

Whether a new nurse needs onboarding, or a seasoned staff member wants a refresher, embecta offers access to a robust library of educational materials to train on proper insulin injection technique.

Click on the BD AutoShield Duo™ and/or BD SafetyGlide™ tabs for step-by-step injection guides and educational videos.

Contact our team below for access to additional educational materials.

Resources to support successful patient discharges

Resources for patients & healthcare providers to support proper insulin injection technique as they transition to an outpatient setting.

embecta, formerly part of BD, is now one of the largest pure-play diabetes management companies in the world. This singular focus allows us to leverage our nearly 100-year legacy in insulin delivery, while empowering people with diabetes to live their best life through innovative solutions, partnerships, and the passion of over 2,000 employees around the globe.